Caring for our street trees

Boroondara is renowned far and wide for its leafy streetscapes and shady, green parks and gardens.

Our trees provide much-needed shade and environmental benefits such as air pollution removal, storm water interception and carbon cleansing. They also help us experience the seasons, connect with nature and enjoy a sense of wellbeing.

Each year, our Parks and Infrastructure team have the large undertaking of caring for Boroondara’s 110,000 public trees, with more than 50 per cent of these trees lining our nature strips.

Over the summer, part of the team’s job is to ensure that any newly planted trees are mulched and then watered every week.

We know our community highly values trees and the contribution they make to our streets because we see residents helping out by watering our trees when the summer heat arrives. Both we and the trees are grateful for this, and we encourage our community to continue this practice.

To report an unhealthy tree, see Report an unhealthy or unsafe tree on public land or call 9278 4444.

A woman waters a sapling on a nature strip