Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis

After a conversation with a friend, I have been thinking about the changes we can all make to mitigate climate change.

Each of us may choose different and sometimes small lifestyle changes, but together we can make a difference to the future of our planet. Sam took on a recent project to ‘get off gas’ in his Camberwell townhouse, supplementing rooftop solar and an existing split-system heater and cooler with new electric heat panels, a rapid-recharge electric hot-water tank, electric cooktop and an electric barbecue that he reports grills as well as any gas-powered model.

An electrician and a plumber took a day to hook up the new appliances and disconnect the natural gas line. Sam put aside the old appliances (including a 20-year-old gas cooktop) and booked a Council hard rubbish pick-up to collect them.

He had several reasons for making the change. The recent flood disasters in Australia and overseas are compelling ones, and he worries for the world any future grandchildren may inherit. Because natural gas is mostly methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas, removing it from his home energy supply makes a tangible difference. 

There are cost savings too – his fully electrified house, including appliances, materials and labour, should pay for itself through reduced energy bills in less than 3 years.

Sam’s is a small but significant contribution towards addressing climate change, and it is a change that we can all consider. This edition of the Bulletin suggests several other things to consider, including signing up to boost biodiversity in our own backyards, and booking a sustainability workshop for children these autumn school holidays. 

You can also express an interest in joining our new Boroondara Sustainability Leadership Course, which will provide participants an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a ‘local leader’ for sustainability.

Best wishes for the Easter season and I hope you are able to take a break to enjoy the sunshine before the onset of the cooler months.

signature of Cr Jane Addis