This consultation closed on
Sunday 8 October 2017

Thank you to everyone who provided input on our draft Shade Policy. Your feedback provided us with some helpful insights, and assisted us in finalising our approach to providing shade across Boroondara.

The Shade Policy (2017‒2027) was adopted by Council in December 2017.


Boroondara is an Aboriginal word meaning “where the ground is thickly shaded,” and the Shade Policy will be used to determine what types of shade will be provided in public areas such as parks, reserves, playgrounds, skate parks, civic spaces, car parks, shared paths and walking routes along streets.

Some of the different types of shade outlined in the policy include:

  • natural vegetation or canopy trees
  • built structures
  • borrowed from buildings, structures and vegetation on surrounding properties.

As well as acting as a framework for increasing protective shade that encourages healthy outdoor activity, the Policy is intended to inspire members of the Boroondara community to take their own sun protection measures.

View the Shade Policy (2017‒2027).

Key dates



September-October 2017

Community feedback on the draft Shade Policy (2017‒2027)

December 2017

Council endorsed Shade Policy (2017‒2027)

For more information

Contact Caroline Martin, Senior Landscape Architect, Environment and Sustainable Living on 9278 4060 or email [email protected].