This consultation closed on
Thursday 24 October 2019

There are a number of proposed changes designed to enable fair and reasonable use and enjoyment of private land; a safe and healthy environment; safe and equitable use and enjoyment of public places; protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality; and more.

Your feedback is important

To have your say on the proposed Amenity Local Law 2019, please mark your submission ‘S.223 Submission on Amenity Local Law', then submit by one of the following options:

Submissions closed at 5pm Thursday 24 October 2019.

Please note: All submissions will be made available to the public in full (including any personal information). People are entitled to request in their submission to appear before Council at a Submission Hearing, the date and time of which is to be confirmed.

 More information

For more information on the Amenity Local Law review, contact Robyn Clark or Louise Parzatka on 9278 4949.