Coronavirus update 13 March 2020

Stage 4 restrictions: guidance and support.

This consultation closed on
Sunday 9 August 2020

We are seeking feedback on the proposal to install an electronic scoreboard and temporary fencing at Eric Raven Reserve.

Electronic scoreboard

The electronic scoreboard is proposed to be installed on the north east side of the oval. It is 3.2m wide and 1.92m high, and will be installed at a raised height on legs of 3m.

The scoreboard will allow players and spectators to easily see accurate club scores and game details. It has the ability to be controlled remotely, which will assist volunteers with match day operations. The scoreboard will emit minimal light during sporting club activities on the oval.

Temporary fencing

We are also proposing to erect 1.8m temporary fencing along a 30m section of the oval’s north east boundary. The design will be the same as the netting fence on the western side of the oval.  

The temporary fencing is required to stop lacrosse balls exiting the field of play onto and up the north east embankment. The fencing will be erected prior to the commencement of the winter season and removed at the conclusion of the winter season each year.

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