Completed on Fri 24 July 2020
This consultation closed 24 July 2018.

The consultation for Dorothy Laver Reserve West has now closed. We received a significant number of responses, which we are now reviewing to ensure all feedback is considered.

The results from this consultation will be collated in a report and delivered to Council. This report will be available on this website prior to the Council meeting.

Council meeting dates have now been determined, as follows:

  • A Special Services Committee meeting will be held on 12 November 2018 where all submissions will be tabled.
  • A final decision will be made on the Dorothy Laver Reserve West proposal at the Council meeting on 10 December 2018.

Special Services Committee meeting on 12 November 2018

As people who made a submission have previously been advised, a Special Services Committee meeting has been scheduled for 12 November 2018. The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell commencing at 6.30pm.

What is the purpose of this meeting?

The purpose of this meeting is for officers to present information to all Councillors at a public forum. No decision will be made at this meeting. It is an opportunity for Councillors to ask questions of clarification. In the context of Dorothy Laver Reserve West, officers will table a council report including all submissions received through the Dorothy Laver Reserve West consultation.

What is the process for the Special Services Committee meeting?

The agenda for the Services Special Committee meeting will be available from the Council website from 5pm onwards on Friday 2 November 2018. This agenda will set the order of matters being presented at the Special Services Committee meeting on 12 November 2018.

The meeting will be chaired by one of the Councillors, who will direct the flow of questions and presentations at the meeting to ensure that all agenda items are considered. There will be a request to speak form available on the evening for those that wish to present and emphasise their submission. The purpose of the request to speak form is to assist the chairperson with the orderly conduct of the meeting.

Do I need to attend the Special Services Committee meeting and present my submission?

There is no mandatory requirement to attend this meeting and present your submission. All Councillors will receive a copy of the officer report and all submissions. All submissions in their fullest extent will have been reviewed by Councillors prior to the Special Services Committee meeting, so you do not need to speak in favour of your submission at the meeting. 

Will I have the opportunity to emphasise my submission at the Special Services Committee meeting?

Those that have submitted feedback will have the opportunity to speak for three minutes. It is important to understand that the three minute opportunity at the meeting is provided to emphasise points made in submissions, the full extent of which will have been reviewed by Councillors prior to the meeting.

If I am a member of a sporting club, can I also speak in favour of my submission?

Given the large volume of responses received from sporting clubs, officers are inviting those sporting club members who have submitted feedback to work with their respective clubs to nominate three spokespersons. This allows each club to cover the main points they wish to emphasise to Councillors at the Special Services Committee meeting during the three minute presentations, which will provide each club with nine minutes of speaking time. Officers suggest that members and representatives work together to determine the main points which they wish to raise and allocate those points across three representatives to provide Councillors with a clear understanding of their feedback. 

A further update will be provided after the Special Services Committee meeting in the lead up to the Council decision meeting. 


The project

We are proposing an exciting new project with the installation of a synthetic surface to Dorothy Laver Reserve West to enhance the overall community benefit and use of this ground. 

The multi-field synthetic surface would provide one senior soccer field, one junior soccer field, two under 6-7 MiniRoos soccer fields and one cricket field (overlaid across the soccer fields).

The six existing sports ground lights would be renewed with LED lights and a perimeter fence installed around the synthetic facility.  

Why the project is needed

Sport and recreation plays a vital role in maintaining and improving community health and wellbeing. The installation of a synthetic surface at Dorothy Laver Reserve West will provide:

  • a year-round soccer focused facility that accommodates the full age spectrum of juniors through to seniors, and increases opportunities for women and girls
  • Boroondara’s first Women’s National Premier League (WNPL) senior soccer field
  • enhanced opportunities for passive recreation with approximately 2,800m² of land currently used for active sport being converted to passive open space 
  • energy efficient and environmental friendly LED sports ground lighting that increase training opportunities for participants between the hours of 5pm and 9pm
  • relocation of the cricket wicket off the soccer field, providing a safer facility for sporting participants. 


The project is funded through the 2018-19 capital works budget and foreshadowed in the 2019-20 capital works budget. The total project cost is estimated at $4.5m. 

Construction timelines

Construction is proposed to commenced in early 2019 and be completed in 2020. The playing surface at Dorothy Laver Reserve West would be unavailable during the construction period. Access to Dorothy Laver Reserve East, the shared path and hit-up wall will not be affected by these works.

More information

For further information or to submit any queries, please email Rebecca Carland at [email protected] or phone 9278 4595.