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  1. 01

    Children and Young People Action Plan

    Have your say and help us shape the priority areas and actions for our younger community members.
    Closes on Sun 6 December 2020
  2. 02

    Macleay Park sportsground renewal

    Have your say about proposed updates to Macleay Park sportsground.
    Closes on Sun 6 December 2020
  3. 03

    Health survey

    We want to hear from you about the health and wellbeing issues that matter the most to you.
    Closed on Sun 22 November 2020
  4. 04

    Designation of the area set aside within Gordon Barnard Reserve as a fenced dog off-leash area

    We are seeking your feedback on the establishment of a reduced-scope area to set aside as a fenced dog off-leash area.
    Closed on Sun 20 September 2020
  5. 05

    Community Engagement Policy

    We are developing a new Community Engagement Policy to replace the current one.
    Closed on Fri 18 September 2020
  6. 06

    Climate Action Plan

    We are developing a new Climate Action Plan to replace our current strategy.
    Closed on Mon 14 September 2020
  7. 07

    Glenferrie Road Placemaking – Prioritising Ideas

    We are seeking your feedback to help create a comprehensive plan for the future of Glenferrie Road.
    Closed on Fri 11 September 2020
  8. 08

    Draft Boroondara Library Service Plan

    We have developed a plan to build on our commitment to make our library services a centre of reading, discovery and learning for the community.
    Closed on Sun 23 August 2020
  9. 09

    Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law

    We are considering making a local law to be known as the "Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law".
    Closed on Fri 14 August 2020
  10. 10

    Eric Raven Reserve upgrade of sporting assets

    We are seeking feedback on the proposal to install an electronic scoreboard and temporary fencing at Eric Raven Reserve.
    Closed on Sun 9 August 2020