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The declaration of the poll for the 2016 Council election took place on 31 October 2016. The new Councillors were sworn in at a special Council meeting on 2 November 2016.

See wards and Councillors for a list of the 2016-2020 City of Boroondara Councillors.

You can also find details of the election results on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website.

Failure to vote

Failure-to-vote notices were issued by the VEC to anyone who was required, but did not appear to have voted in the Council elections in October 2016.

Anyone who received a notice should have responded to the VEC by 16 February 2017. If a person fails to respond, or does not provide a satisfactory response, they may be issued with an infringement notice with a penalty of $78.

For more information, call the VCE on 1300 551 575 or visit the VEC website.

Subdivision review

New boundaries for the Glenferrie Ward and the Gardiner Ward applied in the 2016 Council elections, as a result of a subdivision review conducted by the VEC in 2015.

The VEC reports and maps of the new Council Ward boundaries are available at VEC Reviews - Boroondara.

Electoral representation review

Council is required under the Local Government Act 1989 to undertake a review of the electoral structure in the Boroondara before every third general election. The last review for Boroondara was undertaken by the VEC and completed in May 2008. The next review is expected to commence in 2018.

The VEC reports from the 2008 review are available at VEC Reviews - Boroondara.

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