To ask a question during public question time at a Council meeting, you need to submit your question prior to the meeting so we can prepare a considered response.

Questions received after 12 noon on the day of the meeting may receive a verbal response, or if that's not possible, then a written response.

Detailed provisions regarding public question time are set out in Division 8 of Chapter 2 in the Governance Rules.

It's important to note:

  • You may ask a maximum of 2 questions per meeting and 11 questions per calendar year.
  • You have be in the public gallery for your question to be considered.
  • Multi-part questions are not permitted and contextual statements or extra information before or after the question cannot be read.
  • Questions may be disallowed by the Chairperson under Rule 55 of Chapter 2 in the Governance Rules.
  • To be allowed, all questions must relate to a matter on the Council meeting agenda and/or already have been sent in writing to a Councillor or a member of Council staff and received a written response.

You can find full details of questions that may be disallowed in Rule 55 of Chapter 2 in the Governance Rules.

How to submit a question

You can submit a question for public question time by  completing our Public question time form.

Petitions are presented to Council meetings for consideration by relevant directors. See petition Council for more information.

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