Getting around Boroondara

Our community told us they value:

The ability to move throughout the City and to local destinations by private and public transport options, and being able to walk and cycle safely and efficiently.

Our community said: 

We value this because the convenience and time saving associated with excellent transport options can enhance quality of life at all life stages.

Strategic Objective 5: Travel options that are connected, safe, accessible, environmentally sustainable and well-designed.

Our strategies to achieve this objective

  • Strategy 5.1 - Improve road safety for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists through infrastructure improvements, education and traffic-management initiatives.
  • Strategy 5.2 - Address road congestion through an integrated approach that better manages traffic and promotes public transport, walking and cycling initiatives. 
  • Strategy 5.3 - Advocate to the State and Federal governments for improvements to public transport services and main roads throughout the City. 
  • Strategy 5.4 - Promote and increase active and environmentally sustainable travel options, including cycling, walking and access to public transport.
  • Strategy 5.5 - Develop and implement innovative solutions to efficiently manage parking options to respond to demand, changing transport trends and community needs.
  • Strategy 5.6 - Partner with schools and other traffic generators to address traffic and parking congestion during peak traffic times.
  • Strategy 5.7 - Plan and advocate for better access and transport strategies to assist people with limited mobility, including those with disabilities and older adults, to travel in Boroondara to increase their participation in community life.   

Evaluation measures

We'll use the following high level indicators and data to assess our progress towards achieving Strategic Objective 5. Detailed indicators will be published in the adjusted Council Plan 2017-21 and reported against in the Annual Report.

Indicators Data source
Outcome: Satisfaction with getting around Boroondara Annual Community Satisfaction Survey
Output: Range of indicators to assess the progress of access, appropriateness, quality and cost of getting around Boroondara

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework measures

Operational indicators

Outcome indicators: Assess the overall impact and achievement of strategic objectives.

Output indicators: Measure specific activities.

Download the full Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - designed PDFBoroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - text format or Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - PDF of text version.