The environment

Our community told us they value:

Boroondara’s trees and its native plants and animals, and activities that support the health of the environment.

Our community said: 

We value these things because they have an impact on the wellbeing of everyone now and into the future. We believe our community and Council are also in a good position to make a difference.  

Strategic Objective 3: Our natural environment is healthy and sustainable for future generations.

Our strategies to achieve this objective

  • Strategy 3.1 - Build community capacity to live sustainably through efficient use of energy and water, resource recovery and renewable energy generation.
  • Strategy 3.2 - Reduce the amount of waste generated and disposed in landfill through initiatives to prevent, reduce, recycle and reuse waste.
  • Strategy 3.3 - Preserve the character of our natural environment through appropriate tree maintenance, increased tree planting and proactively replacing ageing trees.  
  • Strategy 3.4 - Protect and increase canopy tree cover on private land to maintain neighbourhood character and amenity.
  • Strategy 3.5 - Reduce the environmental impact of Council facilities and assets through continued greenhouse gas saving initiatives and stormwater treatment and re-use.
  • Strategy 3.6 - Manage and care for our natural environment through increasing the area of public land in Boroondara being actively managed for biodiversity purposes.
  • Strategy 3.7 Lead our community through advocacy and action to mitigate against and adapt to impacts of climate change to minimise adverse impacts on community health and wellbeing, our natural environment and facilities and services.

Evaluation measures

We'll use the following high level indicators and data to assess our progress towards achieving Strategic Objective 3. Detailed indicators will be published in the adjusted Council Plan 2017-21 and reported against in the Annual Report.

Indicators Data source
Outcome: Environment scorecard Data collected from Council’s services and facilities 
Output: Range of indicators to assess the progress of access, appropriateness, quality and cost of environmental practices

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework measures

Operational indicators

Outcome indicators: Assess the overall impact and achievement of strategic objectives.

Output indicators: Measure specific activities.

Download the full Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - designed PDFBoroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - text format or Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27 - PDF of text version.