Enhanced amenity

Strategic objective:

  • The character of our neighbourhood is protected and improved.


Key figures

(0.9) million net operating cost

1,430 new planning applications received

6,649 graffiti removal requests completed

Key achievements

Implementation of Council's Graffiti Management Strategy

Council continues to implement its Graffiti Management Strategy to improve overall amenity of Boroondara’s public spaces. 

While we deal with graffiti on Council assets within 24 hours, influencing the actions of other public organisations to swiftly remove graffiti from their property is a focus of the strategy, along with identifying locations for and implementing community arts projects.

Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study

Council has commenced an assessment of all properties across the municipality to identify and protect valued heritage places of local significance through the introduction of heritage controls. The study is underway with suburb assessments for Canterbury, Camberwell, Hawthorn and Kew completed in 2016-17.

Preliminary community consultation for Canterbury and Camberwell has been undertaken whilst consultation on Hawthorn and Kew will occur in late 2017. The preliminary consultation period gives property owners the opportunity to submit feedback about suburb assessment prior to the formal statutory process of introducing the heritage controls.

Summary of other achievements:

  • approved the new Tree Protection Local Law strengthening tree protection and enforcement provision
  • commenced proactive monitoring of construction management plans for major building sites
  • reviewed the Amenity Local Law to improve its clarity and the operational performance of the provisions for the greater benefit of the wider community
  • adopted an update to the Boroondara Planning Scheme, enhancing the local planning policies as they relate to the protection of heritage places and neighbourhood character in the consideration of planning permit applications
  • adopted ResCode variations to Neighbourhood Character Precinct 74 introducing enhanced build form, open space and landscaping requirements for all new development within the precinct
  • introduced heritage controls to 12 buildings within Scotch College, Hawthorn ensuring the historical identity of the school is preserved for future generations
  • completed reviews of the Traffic Management Policy and the Parking Management Policy
  • developed and implemented the Infringement Review Framework to offer effective guidance on process and decision making
  • introduced a new service for erecting public notices for planning applications
  • installed two painted murals at Hartwell and Burwood Village shopping centres to enhance the appearance and to prevent graffiti.
Percentage of building permits approved within 30 days

Percentage of building permits approved within 30 days

Percentage of planning permit applications processed within 60 days

Percentage of planning permit applications processed within 60 days