Council's financial position continues to remain sound. A summary of our performance is outlined below while detailed information is included within the Financial Statements and Performance Statement sections of the Annual Report 2016-17.

Operating position

Council achieved a surplus of $31.62 million in 2016-17. This surplus compares favourably to the original budget surplus of $26.61 million.

The favourable variance is primarily due to higher than budgeted monetary contributions of $3.96 million (mainly open space), statutory fees and fines of $2.31 million and early receipt of the 2017-18 Victoria Grants Commission grant allocation of $2.26 million.

In addition, there were savings in other expenditure of $0.56 million and bad and doubtful debts of $0.18 million, offset by a loss on disposal of property, infrastructure, plant and equipment of $0.66 million.   

The adjusted underlying surplus of Council – after removing non-recurrent capital grant income, monetary contributions and non-monetary asset contributions – is $24.95 million.

Sustaining a surplus underlying result is a necessary financial strategy in order to fund the renewal and new asset programs for the $3.56 billion net community assets under our control.

Financial Expenditure

During 2016-17, Council delivered the following services for every $100 that they spent:

Where your rates go


Capital Works and Priority Projects


Environment and Waste Management


Parks, Gardens and Sportsgrounds


Health, Aged Community and Family Services


Roads, Footpaths, Safety and Drainage


Planning and Building


Library Services


Local Laws Enforcement


Culture, Leisure and Recreation and Civic Centres


Engineering and Traffic


Communications and Customer Service


Rates and Property Services


Economic Development




Note: Includes an allocation of corporate services, governance, risk management, building maintenance and public lighting across these service areas.

Shared bike paths and footpaths

Shared bike paths and footpaths

Storytime in our libraries

Storytime in our libraries

Looking after roads and footpaths

Looking after roads and footpaths