Canterbury will soon be home to a local community precinct which will bring together a range of services for children and families, people of all ages, and for those with a disability. Currently, several of these important services are operating at different locations in Canterbury, in buildings which are not all built for their current purposes, restricting operations.

The precinct will deliver better outcomes in early years services by being able to meet current and future demand for maternal and child health services, kindergarten places and childcare. It will also assist to build stronger connections between other local services and community groups by co-locating them within the precinct.

What's included in the precinct

The precinct will include:

  • maternal and child health services
  • three and four-year-old kindergarten
  • occasional care
  • toy library
  • disability services and programs   
  • Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre
  • Canterbury, Balwyn and Surrey Hills Historical Societies
  • Canterbury Community Gardens.  

Community benefits

The precinct will provide the community with high quality and inclusive services through a purpose-built facility which will also include on-site parking. Combining these services on the one site will ensure the community has easy access to all facilities and services. It will greatly improve the continuity of care available for early years’ services, further support disability services and prove to be an effective use of resources and infrastructure. The Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre will offer a diverse range of programs, including creative arts, language and literature classes and more.

Both the Canterbury Norwood Baptist Kindergarten and the Canterbury Neighbourhood House currently operate in close proximity to the proposed Canterbury Precinct site. Co-locating these services will provide long term security for local services and will create service pathways that currently do not exist.

When the precinct is complete, the residents of Canterbury and surrounding areas will have a place to belong, a place to connect and a place to support the needs of their families.

For more information on the Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre and their suite of programs please visit Neighbourhood houses and community centres.

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