A Food Organics and Garden Organics waste collection service (commonly known as FOGO) is one that enables residents to put their garden waste and all food waste in the same bin. This is then collected as part of Council’s kerbside collection service.

This waste stream is processed and turned into soil conditioning products like soil enhancers, mulch or sustainable fertiliser substitutes.


From May 2020, food waste and garden waste will be able to be placed in the same bin. There are no changes to your green waste collection service until this date.

Why are we doing it

Currently, all food waste collected in Boroondara is mixed with materials destined for landfill. Through the City of Boroondara’s Council Plan, Community Plan and Waste Minimisation and Recycling Strategy, we’ve committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

General waste bins in Boroondara currently contain around 46 per cent food organics. Diverting this food waste to FOGO processing will reduce the City’s landfill waste by up to 19,000 tonnes per year.

FOGO provides a solution for disposing of all food waste, even those that can’t go in a worm farm or home compost. It covers fish and meat, cooked and uncooked food, bread and dairy, and hard to compost items like onion and citrus peel.

Who will benefit?

This will be a Boroondara-wide initiative for properties that currently use Council’s kerbside collection service.

Our community will benefit from a healthier environment and enhanced kerbside waste services as a result of this significant, sustainable change to Boroondara’s waste-management practices. Reducing landfill and increasing resource recovery will help ensure a healthy, sustainable environment for generations to come.

What’s the status of this project?

A feasibility study has been completed to assess the options and costs for this service. Following a tender process, Council expects to make decisions regarding the exact roll-out methodology in late 2019. The project is estimated to be implemented late in the 2019/20 financial year.

What will it cost? 

The total cost of this initiative is $3.6 million. 

Due to the significant implementation costs, waste charges will increase for one year to enable Council to deliver the new service. On average, waste charges will increase 16.3% per household (inclusive of the Victorian government landfill levy).

It is anticipated that the waste charge will reduce in the following year, post implementation of this initiative.

More information

Find out more about Boroondara’s planned FOGO service.

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