The following terms and conditions apply to City of Boroondara's Urban Design Awards 2020. By submitting an award nomination, nominees agree to the awards’ terms and conditions.

All entered projects are required to have been completed in the last two years, ie. between 2018 and 2020.

  • Nominated projects should be compliant with relevant planning legislation and permit requirements. They should have demonstrated a level of positive engagement with all stakeholders and a willingness to work cooperatively with involved parties to achieve the best outcome for the immediate streetscape and broader context.
  • All nominations should include the following information as indicated on the nomination form:
    - Nominee contact details (phone and email).
    - Project details including project name and street address, site location and approximate date of completion. 
    - Project owners and/or partners details including contact details (phone and email).
    - A brief overview of the project and reasons for nomination.
    - High resolution images including one ‘hero shot’ for publication along with other supporting images of the completed project. All images should be in JPEG format and of high resolution.  
    - Architectural drawings including floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, landscape plans, materials schedule and photomontages/3D modelling, if available. This material and the images can be provided in a drop box or other shared file link if it exceeds 10 MB in file size. 
  • Projects can be entered into multiple categories if applicable, but a separate nomination must be made for each category.
  • All nomination materials must be submitted electronically, unless alternative arrangements are made with the project team, via the online form located on the Urban Design Awards page on the Boroondara website.
  • The jury may choose not to present an award in any or all categories as it sees appropriate.
  • Commendations may be awarded in all categories as seen fit by the jury. 
  • All nominees must be the copyright owners of the nominated projects or have consent from the owners to nominate, exhibit and publish the projects as part of the awards process.
  • Any material provided with nominations may be used by the City of Boroondara for promotional purposes. Nomination of projects absolves COB from any liability relating to confidentiality or intellectual property matters which may arise in the future. 
  • Boroondara reserves the right to retain and publish any images or material submitted with the nominations as it sees fit. Any material submitted will not be returned unless requested upon nominating. 
  • Applicants may be required to submit further material where necessary to aid the jury in its assessment of the entries.
  • All entries will be displayed in the municipal offices on the awards presentation night. Winning and commended entries will be marked. Only entrants are invited to the awards presentation ceremony and exhibition. 
  • Winning entries will be published on Council’s website and other social media outlets.

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