Vivienne Harkness

2018 Boroondara citizens award winners, Walter Scharley, Vivienne Harkness, Bernie Smith and Anne Brown.

l-r: Walter Scharley, Vivienne Harkness, Bernie Smith and Anne Brown.

Vivienne joined the Boroondara Stroke Support Group (BSSG) in 2011 after her husband Peter suffered a stroke. As a devoted carer for her husband she recognised that stroke survivors could benefit greatly from the services and support provided by BSSG.

Since Vivienne became BSSG President, there has been a significant expansion of support activities for stroke survivors, their carers, families and friends.

Vivienne, together with other members of the BSSG, was fundamental in establishing the Boroondara Community Stroke Hub where people meet to enjoy various activities and support each other. The hub model has been picked up by the Stroke Association of Victoria and is being rolled out across the state.

Vivienne also started the Sing for Recovery Choir which visits stroke wards at 5 major hospitals around Melbourne, singing to stroke patients and bringing hope and comfort to survivors in the early days following their stroke.

Before joining the BSSG, Vivienne was a community liaison officer for Breast Cancer Network Australia. She was also responsible for launching Red Nose Day in Australia.

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