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Social room

A multi-use building with a community hall for community groups on one side, club rooms on the other side, each with separate sections and kitchen facilities. The store rooms are in the community hall area.

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Kitchen one

Two brand new kitchens to service each club or group with door for privacy of each section.

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Kitchen two with kiosk view

Two brand new kitchens to service each club or group with door for privacy of each section. This kitchen also has a Kiosk which is easily accessible from the outside of the building also.

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Change rooms

There is one big open space that can be re-configured to be two or three rooms as there are folding doors between each section. Each part has toilet facilities.

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These toilets and access to them have been made accessible to people of all abilities (eg wheelchair access).

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Umpire's room

All amenities in this room are brand new.

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Balcony view

The new balcony provides great views of the oval below. The building was elevated to prevent flooding. The balcony floor has been finished with a spray-on cement to make it anti-slip and more attractive.

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Outside view from oval

There is wheelchair access from the new ramp, making the building DDA compliant. There is a storeroom underneath. The cut outs in the concrete paving in front of the ramp, allow the clubs to install fundraising bricks in the future.

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Outside view from side of building

Tour the outside view from side of building

Outside view from car park

The Groundkeeper's new quarters is the room on the outer car park side. There is also a utility room for all other amenities, for example bin storage and water tanks.

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The following organisations are tenants at Eric Raven Reserve Pavilion:



      Car Clubs


        Project details

        The department responsible for the delivery of this project was Projects and Strategy, with the assistance of Leisure and Sport. Projects and Strategy can be contacted on 9278 4536.