Council maintains a range of documents and registers for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act).

Documents that are generally available for inspection at our Camberwell offices, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell, are listed below. To arrange to view any of the registers or documents, contact the Coordinator Governance on (03) 9278 4471.

Some documents are also available to view online or download – see below.

Documents available in accordance with Regulation 12 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015:

  • details of overseas or interstate travel undertaken in an official capacity by Councillors or Council staff in the previous 12 months
  • public agendas and minutes of ordinary and special Council meetings and minutes of special committee meetings held in the previous 12 months
  • register of delegations kept under sections 87(1) and 98(4) of the Act, including the date on which the last review took place under sections 86(6) and 98(6) of the Act
  • document containing details of all leases involving land which were entered into by the Council as lessor
  • register maintained under section 224(1A) of the Act of authorised officers appointed under that section
  • list of donations and grants made by the Council within the previous 12 months

Other documents and registers available for inspection in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989:

  • The exhibition voters' roll for a Council election – for a period of 5 working days ending at 4pm on the entitlement date (s.23A)
    [Note: The exhibition voters roll for the 27 October 2012 General Election was available for public inspection between 27 August and 31 August 2012.]
  • The certified voters' roll for a Council election – for the period beginning on the certification date and ending 30 days after election day (s.24B)
    [Note: The certified voters roll for the 27 October 2012 General Election was available for public inspection between 20 September and 26 November 2012.]
  • Copies of election campaign donation returns (s.62A)
  • A copy of Council's policy in relation to the reimbursement of expenses for Councillors and members of Council committees (See also Councillor Support and Resources Policy) (s.75B)
  • A copy of the current Councillor Code of Conduct (s.76C) (PDF, 421 kB)
  • If Council reappoints the Chief Executive Officer without first advertising the position, details of the proposed total remuneration under the new contract available (s.94)
    [Note: Details of the proposed total remuneration for Council's Chief Executive Officer, Phillip Storer, were available for inspection between 27 October 2015 and 9 November 2015 following his reappointment on 26 October 2015.]
  • Copies of Local Laws operative within Boroondara (See also Local Laws) (s.120)
  • A copy of the current Council Plan (See also Council Plan) (s.125)
  • A copy of the current Strategic Resource Plan (s.126)
    [Note: The Strategic Resource Plan is summarised in the Council Plan, and also incorporated into the Budget.]
  • A copy of the budget or revised budget (See also Budget) (s.130)
  • A copy of the Annual Report and the associated Auditors Report on the Financial Statements (See also Annual Report) (s.131)
  • Council did not declare a differential rate in the 2012-13 Council Budget adopted on 25 June 2012.
    [Note: Further information on Council's Rating Strategy is available in Section 9 of the 2012-13 Council Budget.]
  • Where Council has given public notice of an intention to declare a special rate, a special charge or a combination of both, copies of the proposed declaration will be available for at least 28 days after the publication of the notice. (s.163)
    [Note: Information regarding existing or proposed Special Rate Schemes is also available by contacting Council's Economic Development Department.]
  • A copy of the current Procurement Policy (186A)
  • Copies of any quality or cost standards which have been adopted by Council (s.208F)
  • Copies of the Preliminary and Final Reports from the last Electoral Representation Review (s.219F).