Draft Boroondara Open Space Strategy

The strategy provides an overarching framework to manage Boroondara's public open space network to 2026. The BOSS replaces the now out-dated Open Space Policy (1996).

The strategy addresses factors important to the community such as:

  • maintaining biodiversity
  • promoting health and wellbeing
  • managing climate change
  • protecting cultural heritage
  • enhancing linkages
  • ensuring open space is available for future population growth.

The strategy also establishes an open space program for Boroondara at a suburb-by-suburb level to improve the diversity and range of facilities in open space where appropriate and will assist Council in identifying areas where additional open space may be required.

Open space is all publicly owned land that is set aside primarily for recreation, passive outdoor enjoyment and nature conservation. This includes public parks, gardens, reserves, waterways, civic forecourts and plazas.

Other public places such as streets and school grounds are recognised as potentially contributing to the open space network but they are not the focus of this strategy.

Thank you to members of the community who participated and provided feedback to the Draft Boroondara Open Space Strategy. Your comments have been valuable and have assisted Council in finalising the strategy.