Many of Boroondara's parks have off-leash areas where your dog can enjoy a run.

Animal registration

All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be registered with Council as soon as they join your family.

Registration is due by 10 April each year – if you do not register your pet, a fine of over $200 is payable.

All new animal registrations must come to Council in person via Customer Service and owners must show relevant documents, including microchipping record etc: phone 9278 4444.

There have been changes to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 which may affect you:

  • From 11 April 2013, owners registering a dog or cat for the first time will not be entitled to the reduced fee for micro-chipping alone, but other reduced fees may be available, including if your animal is desexed.
  • You can now only be defined as the owner of a dog or cat if you are over 18; younger pet lover's parents or guardians are regarded as the owner.
  • If you require an exemption to desexing your pet, there is now an additional requirement that a veterinarian must personally examine an animal and state in writing why the health of the animal would be harmed if it was desexed.

Are registration and microchipping the same?

No, they are separate. Microchipping is implanting a device in your animal so that it can be identified. Registration is a Victorian Government requirement.

All new animal registrations must provide proof of desexing and micropchipping:

This can be done at one of our Council offices through customer service, or via post.

What do I get for my registration dollar?

As mentioned above, animal registration is a Victorian Government requirement – visit the Department of Primary Industries website to find out more.

Lifetime tags for your pets

Along with microchipping, desexing and registering, Council is introducing lifetime animal registration tags for your pets.

While being environmentally friendly and designed to cut costs, this means residents will not receive another tag the following year when they renew their animals registration, however if you lose your animal's tag or require a replacement tag, these are available via Council's customer service teams.

This helps you be a responsible pet owner, is good for the long-term health of your pets and is better pet management overall.

That's one tag, per pet, for life.

Microchip your pet

Since May 2007, all new animals registered with Council must be microchipped before registration.

We encourage all cat and dog owners who initially registered their pets before 1 May 2007 to now microchip their pets too.

All cat and dog owners are advised to keep their details current with microchipping company they are registered with. This ensures that their animal will be returned to them if it has been found.

Early desexing

This procedure helps protect cats and dogs from serious diseases and prevents unwanted kittens and pups in our community. Talk to your vet.

Desexing voucher scheme

Council, in partnership with the Australian Veterinary Association, offers a desexing scheme for dogs and cats owned by pensioners.

Residents who hold any of the following concession are eligible to participate in the desexing voucher scheme:

  • Pensioner Health Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Low Income Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Desexing vouchers are available from Council in person. Proof of the above concession or benefit card are required.

Council offices are located at:

  • 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell
  • 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
    Corner Cotham Road and Civic Drive, Kew

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Clean up after your dog

Council recognises the problem of dog owners not taking responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs and has issued all registered dog owners with a lead attachment to carry bags to clean up after their dog when taking them for their daily walk.

Dog owners cleaning up after their animals will ensure the ongoing enjoyment of a clean environment for all residents.

Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Excess animal permit

Boroondara residents may only keep two dogs and/or two cats at their home.

Before you acquire another dog or cat you must apply, with the appropriate permit fee, to Council.

When assessing an application, Council will take into consideration factors such as property size, how many animals are already kept, previous history (such as barking dog complaints), and if there are objections from neighbours.

In some instances a Local Laws officer will conduct a property inspection.

Walking your dog responsibly – off-leash areas

A dog may be exercised off a chain, cord or leash (lead) in a designated reserve, if the owner:

  • carries a lead to bring the dog under their control if the dog behaves in a manner which threatens any person or animal
  • is able to promptly bring the dog under control by voice or hand command and then place the dog on a lead if necessary
  • does not allow the dog to worry or threaten any person or animal.

If your dog is off-leash in a designated reserve, you must bring your dog under control using a lead if the dog is within 30 metres of an organised sporting event, an organised public meeting or a permanent barbecue or picnic area if it is being used by others.

Dogs are prohibited within the immediate perimeter of any playground at all times, and must be on a lead if within 10 metres of the perimeter of a playground in a designated reserve at all times.

Designated reserves for off-leash dogs

 Site  Address  Suburb Melway   Off-leash specifications
 Anderson Park  Anderson Road  Hawthorn  50 G3  Ovals only
 Ashburton Park  339 High Street  Ashburton  60 F9  
 Beckett Park  Parring Road  Balwyn  46 G7  All except for
indigenous flora reserve
 Belmont Park  Mont Albert Road  Deepdene  46 B8  
 Boroondara Park  66 Canterbury Road  Camberwell  46 A10  
 Burke Road South Reserve  McDonald Street  Glen Iris  59 G6  
 Cooper Reserve  Green Street  Burwood  60 H3  
 Eric Raven Reserve  High Street  Glen Iris  59 K9  
 Fairmont Avenue Reserve  Fairmont Avenue  Camberwell  60 B4  
 Fairview Park  Fairview Street  Hawthorn  45 B12  
 Foley Park  Foley Street  Kew  45 B8  
 Fritsch Holzer Park  Rose Street  Hawthorn East  45 G12  
 Frog Hollow Reserve  Fordham Avenue  Camberwell  60 B2  
 Grace Park  Hilda Crescent  Hawthorn  45 B9  
 H A Smith Reserve  Glenferrie Road  Hawthorn  59 D2  
 Hartwell Sports Ground  Bath Road  Burwood  60 F7  
 Hays Paddock  Lister Street  Kew East  45 J1  
 Highfield Park  Highfield Road  Camberwell  60 E2  South oval only
 Hill 'n' Dale Park  Hill 'n' Dale Park  Glen Iris  60 C8  
 Hislop Park  Balwyn Road  Balwyn North  46 D4  
 Hyde Park  White Avenue  Kew East  45 E2  
 John August Reserve  Mont Albert Road  Balwyn North  46 E9  
 Kate Campbell Reserve  Kellet Grove  Kew  45 D2  
 King Street Chain of Parks  Gordon Street
 to King Street
 Balwyn  46 A6  
 Koonung Creek Reserve  Mountain View Road  Balwyn North  32 E11  
 Lynden Park  Highfield Road  Camberwell  60 E4  
 Macleay Park  Belmore Road  Balwyn North  46 C4  
 Markham Reserve  Victory Boulevard  Ashburton  60 E12  
 Mont Albert Park  Union Road  Mont Albert  46 J7  
 Murdoch Street Reserve  Fairmont Avenue  Camberwell  60 B4  
 Nettleton Park  Gardiner Parade  Glen Iris  59 J7  
 Outer Circle Linear Park A  Princess Street
 to Peel Street
 Kew  45 C2  
 Outer Circle Linear Park B  Peel Street
 to Willsmere Road
 Outer Circle Linear Park C  Willsmere Road
 to Spruzen Avenue
 Outer Circle Linear Park D  Spruzen Avenue
 to Belford Road
 Outer Circle Linear Park E  Belford Road
 to High Street
 Outer Circle Linear Park F  High Street
 to Normanby Road
 Outer Circle Linear Park G  Normanby Road
 to Argyle Road
 Pridmore Park  Mason Street  Hawthorn  44 J9  
 Rathmines Reserve  Rathmines Road  Hawthorn East  45 H10  
 Reservoir Reserve  Grange Road  Kew  45 J7  
 Sinclair Avenue Reserve  Sinclair Avenue  Hawthorn East  59 H6  
 St James Park  Burwood Road  Hawthorn  45 A10  
 Stradbroke Park  Burke Road  Kew East  45 K4  
 Summerhill Park  Summerhill Road  Glen Iris  60 D8  West of the kindergarten
 boundary only
 Victoria Park  High Street  Kew  45 G5  
 Wallen Road Reserve  Wallen Road  Hawthorn  45 B12  
 Warner Reserve  Samarinda Avenue  Ashburton  60 E11  
 Willison Park  Culliton Road  Camberwell  60 B3  
 Willsmere Park  Willow Grove  Kew East  45 F1


Choosing a pet

The Save-a-dog organisation also has puppies, kittens and cats for adoption. It is an entirely non-profit organisation that exists to save dogs of good temperament from being euthanased when their time has expired at dog pounds and animal shelters. Animals are housed in a shelter, and in foster homes, where they are assessed while awaiting permanent placement.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Victoria) has lots of information about choosing and caring for a pet; and links to adoption sites throughout Victoria.

Animals from either organisation are ready for adoption – healthy, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped.

As a responsible pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is not a nuisance to others when outside your property, as well as when at home. We suggest all dogs should be suitably socialised and trained in basic commands so you can safely exercise your dog in one of our many parks.

Visit either of these top organisations websites:

Owning your dog will then be more enjoyable and relaxing.