Our Community Building Program (Metro Access Program) is funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) in conjunction with the Rural and Deaf Access Projects, as part of the Victorian State Disability Plan 2013-16. 

The Metro Access Project is a key initiative of the Victorian State Disability Plan 2013-16, that aims to increase levels of community participation and access for people with disabilities.

The program brings together the strengths, resources and creativity of individuals, communities and government to work in partnership to build long-term, sustainable change in local communities.

Community Building Direction Report

In 2010 the Community Building Direction Report 2011-13 was developed to highlight and identify strategic outcomes to empower the local community to become more inclusive of people with disabilities.

View the current status report for the Community Building Plan.

From a series of engagement activities with community members these priorities areas where identified:

  1. Access to the built environment
  2. Information and communication technologies
  3. The disability support system
  4. Sport, recreation and leisure
  5. Transport

The plan will now be updated and you are invited to participate and provide actions for 2014-16.

Some of the areas important to creating an inclusive community include:

  • access to the built environment
  • transport
  • health
  • employment
  • sport, recreation and leisure
  • culturally and linguistically diverse
  • education and training
  • advocacy
  • tourism
  • family and carers
  • communication technology.

How to get involved

Your feedback will play a significant role in the review of the Community Building Direction Report 2014-16.

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