Yellow bulbine-lily (Bulbine bulbosa)


A small to medium perennial with erect, succulent, rush-like leaves. It grows to a size of 25cm x 25cm. It has the ability to store water underground during a dry summer or autumn. It dies back in dry weather but can continue to produce new leaves and flowers throughout the year if it receives additional watering in summer and autumn. 


Yellow star-like flowers to 20mm wide cluster on a leafless flowering stem from September to February.


The black seeds are contained within a spherical shaped fruit found at the base of the flowering stem.

Shade tolerance

It grows best in semi-shade or full sun.

Garden use

Yellow Bulbine-lily is a showy, adaptable plant that grows best with regular moisture. It is drought tolerant. It is useful as a highlight plant among grasses or as a mass planting.

Local distribution

In Boroondara, there are small populations growing in Beckett Park, Balwyn and in Welfare Parade, Glen Iris.

Ecological Vegetation Class

Valley Grassy Forest, Grass Woodlands, Creekline Herbrich Woodland and Escarpment Shrubland

Vegetation benefits

Yellow bulbine-lily provides food for butterflies. Its succulent roots are edible once its leaves have died back.