BookTalks - cup resting on books
Want to know what the library staff are reading? Get the inside tips on great reads.

Discover different authors and genres as library staff review their favourite books at our regular book talks. Have a chat to fellow book lovers over refreshments.

These sessions are free and no bookings are required.

2015 BookTalks

Ashburton Library

Daytime BookTalks

11am on Wednesdays

  • 7 October

Balwyn Library

Daytime BookTalk

11am on Mondays

  • 19 October

Weekend BookTalk

  • 11am, Saturday 5 September

Camberwell Library

Daytime BookTalks 

11am on Thursdays

  • 29 0ctober

Hawthorn Library

Daytime BookTalks

2pm on Tuesdays

  • 1 September
  • 17 November

Kew Library

Daytime BookTalks

2pm on Wednesdays

  • 16 September
  • 25 November

Evening BookTalk

  • 7pm, Tuesday 27 October

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