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Free events, bookings essential.

The Abyssinian contortionist - Meet author David Carlin

From the age of six in her home in Ethiopia, Sosina Wogayehu dreamed of being a circus performer. Twenty-five years later, Sosina has conjured herself a new life in Australia. She has rescued one brother and lost another. She has traveled the world as a professional contortionist. Sosina is able to juggle worlds and stories, too.

  • 7pm, Thursday 27 August at Hawthorn library

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Double act - Meet author Brian McFarlane

Brian McFarlane is the author or editor of over 20 books and hundreds of articles on film and literature and related matters. He is as a regular reviewer in The Age, Australian Book Review, Metro and Inside Story. He will be discussing his book Double Act about the lives of Googie Withers and John McCallum,

  • 10:30am, Monday 7 September at Balwyn library

Silent shock - Meet author Michael Magazanik

Lyn Rowe was born without limbs seven months after her mother Wendy was given a new wonder drug for morning sickness called thalidomide.

Former journalist Michael Magazanik is one of the lawyers who ran Lyn’s case.

  •  7pm, Thursday 10 September at Kew library

50 foods that will change your life - Meet co-author Michelle Thrift

Learn about 50 ingredients that provide a range of positive health effects and how they can easily be introduced into your everyday diet through Michelle’s delicious, easy to follow recipes.

  • 10:30am, Friday 11 September at Camberwell library

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Free events, bookings essential.

What if? Unique ideas from university to community

What if? 10 questions for brand health

Specifically tailored for the Small Business Victoria Festival, this installment of the What If? series focuses on 10 questions for Brand Health for start-ups and SMEs. Led by three of Swinburne's branding experts, attendees will learn how to build and manage their brand, and engage with customers to add value to their business.

  • 7pm, Tuesday 25 August, Hawthorn library


  • Dr Julian Vieceli, Director, Postgraduate Education; Senior Lecturer, Marketing; Program Coordinator, Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Dr Simone Taffe, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Design (Honours) and specialist in Participatory Design and Branding.
  • Bridgette Engeler Newbury, Course Coordinator Double Degrees in Communication Design and Business; Lecturer in Design Strategy and Management, Strategic Foresight, Copywriting and Design Thinking.

Free events, bookings essential.


Ashburton Library, 11am on Wednesdays

  •   7 October

Balwyn Library, 11am on Mondays

  • 19 October

Camberwell Library, 11am on Thursdays

  • 20 August

Hawthorn Library, 2pm on Tuesdays

  • 1 September

Kew Library, 2pm on Wednesdays

  • 16 September

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Security online

Keeping your personal information safe. Learn some simple tips when using the internet to search, email, shop and play.

  • 2.30pm, Monday 31 August at Balwyn Library

Free events, bookings essential.

Stitch with Boroondara

Grab your knitting, crocheting or sewing and head down to your library to Stitch with Boroondara Libraries.

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