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Family History Month

Free events, bookings essential. 

Introduction to FamilySearch

  • 11am, Monday 12 October at Balwyn Library

Researching your military ancestors

  • 7pm, Tuesday 13 October at Hawthorn Library

Getting started with family history

  • 11am, Wednesday 14 October at Kew Library

Conserving family memorabilia

  • 2pm, Monday 19 October at Ashburton Library

Discover the history of your house

  • 10.30am, Wednesday 21 October at Camberwell Library

Writing family history workshop

  • 1.30pm to 5pm, Thursday 22 October at Kew Library

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Author talks

Free events, bookings essential.

Meet Macquarie dictionary editor Susan Butler

For thirty years, Macquarie Dictionary editor Susan Butler has been in the front row watching Australians alternatively defend, reject, embrace and argue heatedly about every aspect of language usage. Entertaining, insightful and occasionally irreverent, The Aitch Factor is the perfect book - and event - for word warriors, punctuation pedants and everyday lovers of language. 

  • 7pm, Wednesday 7 October at Hawthorn library

Better with a book - Bibliotherapy with Sonya Tsakalakis

Bibliotherapy, literally translated from Greek, means ‘book therapy’ and is the use of literature to heal, enrich and transform our lives. Come and share in her passion for the creative possibilities of using literature to foster inner wellbeing and enhance community connectedness.

  • 7pm, Thursday 8th October at Camberwell Library

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Certain Admissions- Meet author Gideon Haigh

When handsome radio star John Bryan Kerr was arrested for murder, it took three dramatic trials to convict him. Maintaining his innocence, he became a Pentridge Prison celebrity starring in plays and leading their debating team to the Australian finals. Then after his death another man confessed to the murder - but was he telling the truth?

Gideon Haigh is one of Australian’s most prolific and accomplished writers and an authority on cricket. This is his first true crime book.

  • 7pm, Tuesday 20 October, at Kew Library

 Read more about Gideon Haigh

Free events, bookings essential.

What if? Unique ideas from university to community

What if play could be more than a game?

  • Tuesday, 22nd September at Hawthorn library
Though humans have been playing for thousands of years, in recent decades digital technology has reshaped the way we play and its role in everyday life.

But while gaming is often written off as a bit of a waste of time, what if there were more to games and play than just overcoming boredom?

What if we could look at games as a new popular art-form, or a new way of expressing ourselves? Even more excitingly, what if games allowed us to learn and grow in interesting new ways?


Dr. Dan Golding, Lecturer in Media and Communications
Ms Gillian Morrison, PhD Candidate in Games and Interactivity

For more information on speakers visit Dr. Dan Golding's web page.

Free events, bookings essential.


Ashburton Library, 11am on Wednesdays

  •   7 October

Balwyn Library, 11am on Mondays

  • 19 October

Camberwell Library, 11am on Thursdays

  • 29 October

Hawthorn Library, 2pm on Tuesdays

  • 17 November

Kew Library, 2pm on Wednesdays

  • 16 September

Stitch with Boroondara

Grab your knitting, crocheting or sewing and head down to your library to Stitch with Boroondara Libraries.

Ashburton Library

Third Monday of the month from 6.30pm to 8pm

Camberwell Library

Last Tuesday of each month from 1.30pm to 3pm

Hawthorn Library

Second Thursday of each month from 10.30am to 12pm

Kew Library

First Thursday of the month from 6.30pm to 8pm