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Why volunteer?

You will enjoy:

  • the satisfaction of helping to provide a much needed service
  • the chance to make new friends
  • the satisfaction of making a valuable contribution to your community.

Computer Savvy Trainers

What is the Computer Savvy Seniors Program?

  • the Computer Savvy Seniors Program is a free peer training program for senior residents in the City of Boroondara who would like to learn basic computer and Internet skills.

What does a trainer do?

  • you will meet the senior residents in their homes or in one of the City of Boroondara's libraries
  • you will work with the residents on an individual basis focusing on their needs and skills
  • you will be available for up to six lessons per participant.

What do you need?

  • comprehensive understanding of PCs and the Internet
  • a Police check (we will organise this for you)
  • spare time on a regular basis
  • patience and flair for teaching.

What does the Library provide?

  • trainers are invited to regular meetings where they get to catch up with other volunteers
  • demonstrations of library resources are offered
  • the training can take place within one of the five libraries where a PC will be booked prior to the training session commencing.  

For further information and expressions of interest:

English Conversation Club tutors

What is the English Conversation Club?

  • the English Conversation Club is a recent addition to Boroondara Library Service, and is held at four of our libraries on a weekly basis
  • it is an hour long, informal program designed to encourage people, who have English as a second language, to use English comfortably and understand various slang as it is used in Australia today in a supportive and safe atmosphere
  • the Club is for adults only and is also a place where people from various backgrounds can meet other migrants and exchange stories.

What does becoming a tutor involve?

  • volunteers are asked to commit to an hour per week
  • you have an understanding of cultural diversity.

What do you need?

  • tutors are either retired English or ESL teachers
  • a Police check (we will organise this for you).

For further information and expressions of interest:

Home Library Service

How can you help?

  • deliver library materials to housebound residents in their home
  • return borrowed materials to the library
  • liaise with library staff and borrowers
  • provide a valuable communication link between borrowers and library staff.

What do you need?

  • current driver's licence
  • a police check (we will organise this for you)
  • a reliable vehicle
  • spare time on a regular basis (usually monthly)
  • enthusiasm and vigour.

How do you join?

Register with the Home Library Services Librarian at your local library, and we will arrange an interview to finalise details.

For students

What we offer:

  • as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Program you are able to volunteer at the Library Service although vacancies are limited
  • community service placements at the Library Service for secondary students. Vacancies are very limited.
  • work experience placements at the Library Service for secondary students. Vacancies are very limited.

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Other volunteering opportunities

There are many other opportunities to volunteer across the community. The Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC) provides free information and referral services to assist people to find volunteer work in a diverse range of fields.

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